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Q: Do you have to start at McAllen or Dallas to join the ride?

A:  A rider can join at any point during the 7-day ride. Either join us at that link up point in the evening to celebrate the day or the following morning over a complimentary breakfast - both sponsored by RFYF

Q: Does it matter what kind of motorcycle I have?

A: All kinds of motorcycle types are welcome for this ride. There will be a highway/hardball route, and an offroad route. Each route will start and end the day together.

Q: What is the experience level of a rider?

A: The experience of a rider should be able to ride on a highway based on the number of miles listed on The Ride. **For the offroad route, it is meant for motorcycles that can handle offroad terrain, and the rider should have at least intermediate experience.

Q: The registration is $50.00 but is that for every leg of the ride?

A: The $50.00 registration is per day. This includes breakfast and the evening celebration of food, beverages, and live music. Additionally, this goes towards the safety and maintenance of vehicles/equipment accompanying the riders.

Q: What are the sleeping accommodations? Is the rider responsible for finding their own lodging?

A: Sleeping arrangements are up to the rider. There is plenty of lodging along the routes and near each link-up point and we will be posting hotel options/discount codes shortly.

Q: What happens at the end of every ride?

A: At the end of every ride, we will celebrate with food, beverages, and live music at the destination listed under The Ride.

Q: Is there a safety/repair vehicle with us on the ride?

A: Yes. There will be multiple vehicles dedicated to maintenance, recovery, and safety.

Q: Are there designated fuel stops?

A: The link-up spots are listed on the website, and further coordinating instructions (such as the designated fuel stops, specific link-up times in the morning, evening activities, etc) will be distributed soon.

Q: I am traveling the entire route to Bozeman, MT. What is the return plan from Bozeman MT?

A: We will be bringing safety/logistic vehicles with us. This will be for repairs, rest (in the event a rider wants to put their bike on the truck for a period and ride on the truck), and unforeseen incidents. That said, once departing Bozeman MT it is our plan to load the bikes up on trucks and trailers we are bringing in route.

Q: For the trip up, is there a vehicle provided for luggage/bags?
A: This will depend on how many riders are riding, and how many locations they hit (example: riders who are just doing daily legs vs those doing multiple day trips). However, we recommend that your bike has the ability to carry at least 2-3 days of clothes. Regardless, we will have support vehicles with us and believe there will always be room for duffle bags to toss in the trailers/beds of the trucks.

Q: Will the bags be dropped off/picked up at the hotels?

A: Yes. The support vehicles will have the bags at the designated end/link up points posted on the site (i.e. the city's Harley dealership).

Q: Do we need to bring our own straps for the bikes for the return trip or will they be provided?

A: This will again depend on how many riders we get that will be returning from Bozeman with us; but also how much support/donations we receive. I would prepare to have your own straps, but if we get enough support, then we will be providing extra supplies like straps.

Our goal is to fund as much as possible for our riders, with a minimum the evening and morning food/entertainment; and the medical/logistical supplies/gear for our support trucks/trailers to follow. All extra funds will be put into use to offset tertiary costs of our riders (i.e. lodging, straps, gas, etc).

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